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Arctic Circum-Polar Coastal Observatory Network [more]



sorry, only available in German. [more]



The Antarctic deep-sea ecosystem is one of the least known places in the world. How do species interact? What impact does the atmosphere have on plants and animals in the ocean? ANDEEP-SYSTCO sheds light into the darkness. [more]


ANDRILL (Antarctic Geological Drilling)

Exploring climate change


The international Antarctic Drilling Programm ANDRILL is looking at climatic history



APECS (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists)

The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists aims to bring together young researchers and early career scientists and engineers with an interest in Polar Regions and the Cryosphere from around the world. Polar research is... [more]



The alpine vegetation of the Arctic is largely unknown. On the other hand sufficient knowledge about the vegetation is nescessary to predict as well as to monitor climate change (biomonitoring). [more]



Bipolar Climate Machinery [more]


CAML (Census of Antarctic Marine Life)

The Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML) will investigate the distribution and abundance of Antarctic marine biodiversity, how it will be affected by climate change and how climate change will affect the ecosystem and the... [more]



The aim of CASE 10 is the examination of the early geological history of Spitsbergen. 1500 million years ago, the archipelago was composed of several micro-continental plates that have been dispersed all over the world. [more]



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