Webcam Neumayer Station

Polar webcams

So far, we can offer you the near-realtime images from the Neumayer Station (Antarctica), and the AWIPEV Station (Arctic).

Neumayer Station III

Images of Neumayer Station III

Join us on September 8th, and find out everything about construction and operation of a modern research station, as well as about the future of German polar research in the Antarctic. Here are some current images of Neumayer Station III...

German Opening Ceremony, 1st of March

Here you'll gain impressions and pictures from the German Opening Ceremony in Berlin from the 1st of March.

To the pictures...

Pictures of our drawing competition

Take a look at the work of more than a hundred young artists that participated in our drawing competition in the beginning of the IPY.

To the winning pictures...

To the other pictures handed in...

More pictures you'll find in the photo archive of the Alfred Wegener Institute.

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