Films about Polarstern expedition ANT-XIII/9

Foto: Janine Bardenhagen/AWI

Scientists aboard RV 'Polarstern' give a glimpse on their work

Movies: Michael Trapp / Alfred Wegener Institut

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Ole Benneke, Patrick O'Brian, Christina de la Rocha & Eleni Anagnostu, Duanne White  and Roland Oberhänsli

Foto: Janine Bardenhagen/AWI

Scientists trying to recover underwater observatory MABEL

Film: Michael Trapp / Alfred Wegener Institute

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MABEL is an observatory that was placed in 1800 meter depth to collect data on currents, temperature and salinity. Due to technical difficulties it could not be recovered and is now reloaded so that it can work for another year.

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Creatures in ice and snow


Film: Michael Trapp / Alfred-Wegener-Institut
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