Terms and conditions of use


Private use

For strictly private purposes, you may freely use any image, film and audio material from this website. This includes

  • Copying images to your computer
  • Printing images for private archives or for decorative purposes
  • Passing on images to family and friends, while identifying the source


Use in publications (print, TV, ...)

Publication of any image material (including in non-commercial publications such as school magazines) is free of charge and does not require permission if

  • it is used to illustrate newspaper or magazine articles, TV reports, presentations or essays that document activities or research results of the Alfred Wegener Institute, and
  • if, in every case, the authors of the material are named in one of the following formats: "First Name Last Name" or "Intitial. Last Name" (in case of space limitations)

Alfred Wegener Institute
Public Relations Department
P.O. Box 120161
27515 Bremerhaven

E-Mail: medien@awi.de


Other use of materials

Using image material in any other way than specified above is strictly prohibited. This applies particularly, but not exclusively, to the

  • Advertising, design of advertisements, advertising spots, etc.
  • Sale of products featuring the image material in a central way (e.g. T-Shirts, mugs, large prints)
  • Sale of digital copies of image files

Under no circumstances may metadata of the image files (IPTC data) be altered in any way!

Should you have any questions regarding use of material, or should you need higher resolution / quality files, please contact the communications department of the Alfred Wegener Institute.