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Polar research press releases

Here you can find press releases, expedition reports and interviews relating to research projects with German contribution, polar infrastructure and logistics, and about German polar research institutes and universities.

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Opportunities for media coverage

We appreciate coverage of research projects and initiatives related to polar and climate research. Information about research projects taking place during the International Polar Year can be found on this website. We are happy to assist you in making the appropriate contacts. Often, it is also possible to communicate directly with expedition participants via telephone or the internet. In addition, we are often able to send you short films and photographs.


As we encourage independent media coverage, occasionally we provide journalists with an opportunity to participate in expeditions.

International Polar Days

Ice sheet in Antarctica (Foto: Alfred Wegener Institute)

In response to journalists and educators wanting an ‘angle’ on the extremely broad International Polar Year, quarterly International Polar Days are being planned that focus on a particular aspect of polar research. These days will include press releases, background information, access to experts, links to images and video, educational and community activities, and connection to researchers in the field.

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