Dr. Hartwig Gernandt

Interview with Dr. Hartwig Gernandt about Neumayer-Station III

Interview with Dr. Hartwig Gernandt, Head of the logistics department at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (August 20, 2007)  Listen to the interview (only available in German)...

Dr. Andreas Herber

Interview with Dr. Andreas Herber about the new polar aircraft POLAR 5

Interview with Dr. Andreas Herber, head of the airship department of the Alfred Wegener Institute (August 17, 2007) Listen to the interview (only available in German)...

Interview with Prof. Dr. Heinrich Miller (January 31, 2007)

The deputy director of the Alfred Wegener Institut for Polar and Marine Research about climate change and its consequences (only in German). To the interview...

PALAOA - Acoustic Livestream from the Antarctic Ocean

Listen to the sounds of weddell seals, orcas and whales and experience the ear-battering calving of icebergs in Antarctica!

Underwater sound is recorded by means of four hydrophones by PALAOA, an autonomous, wind and solar powered observatory located on the Ekström ice shelf.

RV 'Polarstern' - The sound of the research icebreaker

Horn 1: Deep and Dark
Listen to: Polarstern-Horn1.mp3
Download it as:


Horn 2: High and Vast
Listen to: Polarstern-Horn2.mp3
Download it as:

Sounds of an ice age...

"ANTARKTIKA" - a climatic time-travel

concert for string quartet, live electronics and video
by Frank Halbig with the Helios String Quartet

"Antarktika" tries to convert climatic changes into a composition generated on the basis of EPICA ice-core data reflecting the climatic development of our planet. These data also generate the graphics shown together with a video projection composed of images and video footage material from the AWI archive (Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven).